Science. Progress. Hope.

Every treatment, medication and procedure available today were once tested as a part of a clinical trial. These carefully designed scientific studies are among the last steps in the research process, helping doctors continually improve care. Our primary goal is to advance medicine by finding better ways to treat and prevent disease. Kentucky Diabetes Endocrinology Center participates in clinical trials of new medical treatments, drugs or devices with emphasis on those related to diabetes and its complications.


Our doctors and patients have been contributing to Research endeavors for over 25 years. All potential studies are thoroughly reviewed in advance by our physicians for safety and relevance. Patients who want to participate are carefully screened and monitored by doctors and our dedicated Research staff.

What is Clinical Research

Researchers constantly look for better or new ways of treating illness and disease. Discoveries cannot be put into general use until controlled testing has been done on actual patients.  Our patients have helped test treatments for both Type I & II diabetes in both adults and adolescents, peripheral neuropathy, hypertension, weight loss, renal insufficiency, diabetic nephropathy, hypercholesterolemia, diabetes with cardiac outcome, diabetic retinopathy and diabetic devices.


Why Participate in Clinical Research

People participate in clinical trials for many different reasons. Participants can play a more active role in their health care and gain access to new research treatments before they are available for general use. Some people welcome the opportunity to help others.


What Should I Think About Before Joining a Clinical Trial?

It is important to learn as much as possible about any trial you are interested in. Discuss your questions and concerns with members of the healthcare team conducting the trial to make sure the trial is a good option for you. You need to understand:

  • What happens during the trial
  • The type of health care you will receive
  • The benefits and risks associated with participation
  • Your commitment regarding compliance

Participants may receive physical exams, diagnostic tests, laboratory tests, and investigational medication/devices at no cost and are usually compensated for their time and travel.

If you are interested in learning more about a specific trial and possible participation, please complete the form for enrollment.